gif that shows all the postcards one by one

The mandate consisted in creating a sale campaign for the cosmetic industry. The series consisted of three 4 x 6 inch postcards for the beauty industry.

cosmetic sale ad

lipstick postcardpowder postcardmascara postcard in colour

To create a successful postcard series, I chose to emphasize the idea of the beauty industry by using common products such as mascara, a lip stain and a compact powder. Because I wanted to have a pink theme for a feminine audience, I decided to have each postcard have a different shade of pink to add variety. Furthermore, I added the corresponding packaging to the product since in the beauty industry, packaging is a big selling point.


the three postcards next to each other

I created a unique and compelling series of postcards that would be well received for a feminine audience. Using a soft colour palette with familiar products created a strong yet welcome tone for people so they would not feel overwhelmed.