Mature & Delicate is the title for a book on Tomás Saraceno, an Argentinian artist. The mandate of the project was to design a sleeve and spreads. The task was to reinterpret the artist’s works into a strong cover and layout. Furthermore, this design has to be adapted into an ebook for an iPad layout.

mature & delicate

picture of Tomás Saraceno

My approach was to stay true to Saraceno’s delicate and mature tone by using a wide amount of white space and structure with a grid. Since he is a fanatic of spiders and take inspiration from them, I wanted to reflect that in the acrylic case of the book with one his artwork based on them Algo-r(h)i(y)thms. The acrylic case has been laser engraved.


gif of all the spreads in the book

As the title Mature and Delicate says, the design was reflecting elegance thanks to the consistency of the grid and delicateness with the abundant use of white space. To make sure the imagery is the center of attention, the weight of the typeface was mostly light.