mockup of the poster on a brick wall

For the last year of the Graphic Design program, I had to create a vernissage poster that could be the chosen poster to represent the graduating class of 2021. The student has the freedom to design the poster however they want as long as it relates to our program/the design world or have “2021” as the center piece.

over it, poster

mockup of the poster hanging from paper clips

I wanted the poster to be as simple as possible hence the typography approach to it because I believe that if you want to show a message, it doesn’t need to be extravagant. To emphasize this idea, I used a colour duo that is bold and direct to attract the eye.


over it poster animated

When creating this poster, I wanted to add a personal touch to it by using the sentence “Over it” because Iwanted the message to be playful and relatable. The idea of “Over it” can be applied to school, life and the daily challenges everyone faces. Furthermore, the concept of “Over it” can be related to the design world by how a graphic designer has to put elements over a grid. Also, I chose the combination of blue and yellow because of how much contrast it gives and how it gives a positive feeling with a huge impact.